Signature on 1891 Petition1891  Address Possible Identification and Profile Information
788/33 ACKLAND, Mary AnnVincent Street, DaylesfordMary Ann ACKLAND (SEAMONS) b 1863 Bullarto d/o William SEAMONS and Mary/Ann (HEGGES/HEDGERS). Mary Ann SEAMONS bp Kooroocheang m 1893 Richard ACKLAND bp Cape Otway. Chn: Mary Isabella Seamons b 1894 Yandoit, Mrytle Fannie Seamons b 1897 Yandoit, Olive May Seamons b 1903 Yandoit. Mary Ann ACKLAND d 1959 aged 96 Creswick, bur Creswick Cemetery. (This marriage date does not fit but there does not seem to have been another possibility.)
492/20 ADAM, EHumffray Street, BallaratElizabeth ADAM (CORNISH) b ~1826, m Robert CORNISH. Known chn: Ann/Annie ADAM (1866-1886) Ballarat, Robert John d 1876 aged 1 Ballarat. Elizabeth ADAM d 1900 aged 74 Ballarat East d/o Richard CORNISH and Alice (MERTON). Ballarat New Cemetery burial register shows Humffray St, Ballarat as the residence of Elizabeth and her daughter Annie.
255/34 ADAM, Sarah175 Humffray Street, BallaratSarah ADAM born ~1857 to Henry WOOD and Mary Ann (WILLIAMS). In 1876 she married Thomas ADAM. Chn: Margaret Sarah (OBRIEN) 1878-1946, Thomas Robert Henry ~1881-1940 and Florence May (BULLUSS) 1895-1967. Sarah died in 1926 at 46 Victoria Street, Ballarat, aged 69 years and was buried 12 Jul 1926 Ballarat Old Cemetery. Headstone: ADAM/Thomas Robert Henry 10 Jan 1940 59 yrs/Christina Charlotte 21 Nov 1953 66 yrs/Florence M Elizabeth 4 Jun 1891/Sarah Ann 10 Jul 1926 68 yrs/Thomas Robert Henry 1 Feb 1931 76 yrs.
1896-97 Directory Sands & McDougall: ADAM Thos, signwriter, 173 Humffray Street, Ballarat.
786/30 ADAMS, BJamieson Street, Daylesford ,
320/11 ADAMS, ElizabethHaddonElizabeth ADAMS (CRICK) b 1858 Smythes Creek d/o James CRICK and Amy (LIMMER), m 1881 John William Henry ADAMS bp Cardigan. Chn: David b 1881 Haddon and John William b 1887 Sago Hill. Elizabeth d 1916 at Daylesford.
416/8 ADDIS, Mrs BWinter Street, BallaratLouisa ADDIS (TURNER) b ~1835, m 1863 Benjamin ADDIS. Eight chn b 1863 Mt Cole, Crowlands, Raglan, Ballarat. Louisa d 1916 age 81 Ballarat d/o John TURNER and Louisa (HAND), bur Ballarat New Cemetery with Benjamin who died in 1894 age 57.
1904 Ballarat & District Directory Tulloch p 33 ADDIS Benjamin, engine-driver, Park St, Ballarat, with Louisa, Amy, Bertha, Geo V quarryman, Mary E, Robert J quarryman.
416/7 ADDIS, MayWinter Street, BallaratMary Elizabeth ADDIS b 1869 Sebastopol d/o Benjamin ADDIS and Louisa (TURNER). Mary Elizabeth ADDIS died at Ballarat Base Hospital age 67, Spinster, bur 18 Jun 1937 Ballarat New Cemetery.
783/34 AHERN, AVincent Street, Daylesford ,
788/2 AHERN, W?Musk Vale ,
743/15 AIKMAN, JessieAscotJessie AIKMAN b 1870 Clunes d/o James AIKMAN and Elizabeth (FERGUSON).
413/3 AINLEY, MrsBarkly Steet, BallaratJane AINLEY (SYKES) m William AINLEY. Two chn b Ballarat East: Frederick Wilfred 1889 and Arthur Edward b 1892.
1890-91 Ballarat Directory Niven, Vallins p 52 AINLEY Wm, fellmonger, Humffray St, BE.
1894 Directory Webb: AINLEY W, Labourer, 86 Barkly Street, Ballarat.
1894 Directory Sands & McDougall: AINLEY Wm, 86 Barkly Street, Ballarat.
1889-90 Ballarat East Rate Book: AINLEY William, Barkly Street, Ballarat East.
1893-94 Ballarat East Rate Book: AINLEY William, Fellmonger, Barkly Street, Ballarat East.
1896-97 Directory Sands & McDougall: Wm AINLEY, 86 Barkly Street, Ballarat.
669/23 AISBETT, SarahBallaratIsabella AISBETT (JEFFERSON ms TODD) m1. JEFFERSON, m2. 1866 Matthew AISBETT both born Durham. Seven chn b 1867-1879 Ballarat.
1890-91 Ballarat Directory Niven, Vallins p 51, Mrs AISBETT, Darling St, Ballarat.
1894 Ballarat Directory Webb p 113, AISBETT W, 74 Lyons St Sth, Ballarat.
1904 Ballarat & District Directory Tulloch p 33, AISBETT Isabella and Mathew, butcher, 1 Cobden St, Ballarat.
788/39 AITKEN, NVincent Street, Daylesford ,
N ALNo 1 Windermere Street North, BallaratN or Nurse? AL ,
1894 Ballarat Directory Webb p 90, Windermere St Nth, Ballarat, entire block from Sturt St to Mair St is Ballarat Hospital.
711/29 ALLAN, ACarisbrook ,
411/25 ALLAN, MrsBarkly Street, BallaratJane ALLAN (CORKEINE) , b ~ 1827 Geelong d/o George and Jean (DUNCAN). She married Andrew ALLAN. They had a daughter Georgina Jane. Jane died at Hawkesburn, Armadale, aged 76 years, buried 30 May 1903 Ballarat Old Cemetery. Andrew died Barkly Street, Ballarat aged 61 years, buried 14 Mar 1892. Headstone: ALLEN Andrew d 11 Mar 1892 61yrs/wife Jane d 28 May 1903 76 yrs/son James bn. Motherwell, Lanarkshire Scot/d 16 Dec. 1897 23 yrs/Corkeine daughter Georgina d 17 Apr 1922 67 yrs/Interred in Perth WA/Mackie Andrew ALLAN grandson of Andrew & Jane d 28 Aug 1894 9yrs 5mths.
Georgina married Thomas MACKIE a plumber. They had one daughter Jean Corkeine and 4 sons Andrew Allan, Thomas Jnr, William and George. Andrew died at an early age, and is buried in Ballarat, after the Boer War Jean was sent to Western Australia by her father to look after her 3 brothers in Claremont W A. All lived to a good age here in the west and are buried in Karrakatta Cemetery.
Jean married Henry Frederick GATES in 1906. He came from Ballarat to the west in 1899. Fred was involved with the South Street School of the Arts. I was told that he was one of a group of men that put in Five pounds each to buy the property in the 1890s. He was the secretary of the Fruiterers' Picnic sports day in 1896. He was sent to WA to a drier climate being a chronic asthmatic. In 1900 he is working as a customs agent (Tally Clerk) for the Railways. He edited The Railway Newspaper and The Truth Newspaper. At Federation he is the secretary for the 1902 celebrations. In 1904 he tried to enter West Australian politics for the Labor Party but was unsuccessful. He returned to the newspaper business as a reporter and editor. He became the second longest Editor of The West Australian Worker after John Curtain. WW2 sees him back covering the courts for the Sunday Times and Mirror newspaper until his death in 1944. [Information from I Stimson, WA]
1890-91 Directory Niven p 33, ALLAN, Andrew, Barkly St Sth, Ballarat
1894 Directory Webb p 81, ALLAN, Mrs J, 126 Barkly St, Ballarat
1903 Electoral Roll: ALLAN, Mrs J, 126 Barkly St, Ballarat.
711/30 ALLAN, YCarisbrook ,
407/9 ALLEN, FGrant Street, Ballarat ,
401/14 ALLEN, Henrietta101 Armstrong Street Henrietta ALLEN ,
404/17 ALLEN, Sarah22 Little Bridge Street, BallaratSarah ALLEN (PULLBROOK) b ~1858 to George PULLBROOK and Maria (GRIX). She married Abraham James ALLEN. Chn: Lewis Alfred 1889-1889, Reginald Edgar 1891 and Clarice May 1893. Sarah died aged 72 years, buried 16 Sep 1940 Ballarat New Cemetery.
1903 Electoral Roll: ALLEN, Sarah Home Duties, 24 Little Bridge Street, Ballarat.
415/11 ALLEN, Susan36 Princes Street, Ballarat EastSusan ALLEN b ~1833, m John ALLEN. Six chn born Smythesdale: Eliza 1860, Rachel 1862, Mary Jane 1864, John Andrew 1866, Susan 1869, Henry (1872-1872). Ellen (1873-1873) Ballarat East, Frederick b 1875 Ballarat. Susan ALLEN d 1902 aged 69 Ballarat East d/o Richard GARDINER and Elisa (BEECOBER). Ballarat New Cemetery register: Susan ALLEN aged 69, Princes St, Ballarat, Wife, bur 5 Dec 1902 CofE A 4 6, with their 23 yr-old daughter, Rachael, of the same address, who died in 1886.
1890-91 Ballarat Directory Niven p 52, ALLEN Alexander, miner, Princess St, Ballarat East. Also ALLEN John, wardsman, Princess St, Ballarat East.
710/13 AMERY, ADunach ,
196/36, ANDERSON AgnesMusk Vale Daylesford ,
401/29 ANDERSON, C SLearmonth St, BuninyongCatherine Smith ANDERSON (KERR) b 1854 Buninyong (as Unnamed Female) d/o James KERR and Grace (VALLANCE), m 1875 Francis Armour ANDERSON. Chn: Catherine Grace Kerr b 1878 Buninyong, Willie Ewart Kerr b 1881 Buninyong, Mary Armour b 1883 Buninyong, Janet Vallance (1885-1888) Buninyong, Robert Kerr b 1888 Buninyong, David Vallance Kerr b 1893 Buninyong. Catherine Smith ANDERSON d 1910 aged 56 Buninyong, bur Buninyong Cemetery with her husband who died in 1912.
1890-91 Ballarat Directory Niven p 53, ANDERSON F A, currier, Learmonth St, Buninyong
399/11 ANDERSON, EvaGrant Street, BallaratEva ANDERSON (SHAW) bp Victoria m 1884 Walter ANDERSON bp Inglewood. Eva ANDERSON (b ~1865) d 1938 age 73 Ivanhoe, Vic d/o John SHAW/Christina WATERS.
1890-91 Ballarat Directory Niven Vallins p 52, Walter, laborer, Grant St, BE.
402/23 ANDERSON, EEureka Street, BallaratEliza ANDERSON (ROSS) b ~1835, m George Sackville ANDERSON. Chn: William b 1858 Emerald Hill, Eliza b 1863 Emerald Hill, Charlotte Elizabeth Mary b 1866 Ballarat West, Maggie Annie b 1870 Ballarat. Eliza ANDERSON d 1898 aged 63 Ballarat Hospital, Widow of Eureka St, Ballarat East, bur 8 Jul 1898 Ballarat New Cemetery Wes D 6 3.
1894 Ballarat Directory Webb p 17, ANDERSON, Mrs E, machinist, 36 Eureka St (South Side between Alexander and Dodd Streets) Ballarat East
1894 Ballarat Directory Webb p 82, ANDERSON, Mrs E, 36 Eureka St, Ballarat East
796/15 ANDERSON, JaneVincent Street, DaylesfordJane ANDERSON (CAMERON) m 1855 in Victoria, James ANDERSON. Chn: Catherine Ann b 1856 Fryers Creek, Jesse Jane b 1858 Fryers Creek, Jane b 1863-1882 Daylesford and John Alex b 1866 Daylesford.
408/18 ANDERSON, MrsBarkly Street, BallaratAmelia ANDERSON (RIDGWAY) ~1837, m Charles ANDERSON. Chn: Caroline Amelia b 1858 Bendigo Flat, Emily Abigail (1860-1861) Bendigo, Amelia b 1864 Linton, Abigail b 1866 Break O Day, Elizabeth Louisa b Break O Day, Christina b 1871 Rokewood, Julia b 1874 Break O Day, Emily Ridgway b 1879 Spring Creek, John William b 1888 Ballarat East.
Amelia ANDERSON d 1905 aged 68, Ballarat East d/o Joseph RIDGEWAY and Abigail (BETHAL), bur Ballarat New Cemetery. Charles d 1909 aged 77, Hawker, 32 Hopetoun St, bur 28 Jan 1909 Ballarat New Cemetery CofE F 10 47, with their 28 yr-old daughter, Emily, who died in 1906.
1890-91 Ballarat Directory Niven p 45, ANDERSON C, fishmonger, 190 Barkly St, Ballarat East.
1890-91 Ballarat Directory Niven p 52, ANDERSON Charles, hawker, Barkly St, Ballarat East
1894 Ballarat Directory Webb p 82, ANDERSON C, 190 Barkly St, Ballarat East
411/27 ANDREW, CatherineOff Bond Street, BallaratCatherine CARTHEW b ~ 1826 to Edward CARTHEW and Eliza (ROGERS). She married Walter ANDREW. Chn: Harriet Ann ~1844-1925 and John ~1846-1904. Catherine died at Ballarat East in 1907 and Walter at Ballarat in 1881. They were buried in Ballarat New Cemetery, Catherine on 20 Dec 1907 aged 81 years and Walter 14 Jun 1881 aged 64 years.
1903 Electoral Roll: ANDREW, Catherine Home Duties, Stock Street, Ballarat.
800/4 ANDREW, GraceMiller Street, DaylesfordGrace ANDREW (GOLDWSWORTHY) (made her mark) b ~1835, m Thomas ANDREW. Chn: William b 1859 Black Lead, Ellen b 1861 Black Lead. Six chn born Daylesford: Anne 1864, John Thomas (1865-1876), Edith (1870-1876), Henry 1872, James 1873, Edith (1877-1877). Grace ANDREW d 1909 aged 74 Daylesford d/o Abel and Jane GOLDSWORTHY.
783/17 ANGOVE, Mrs AVincent Street, DaylesfordAnnie ANGOVE (ROBERTS) b ~1850 Cornwall, m 1871 Samuel Grose ANGOVE bp Redruth, Cornwall, England. Eleven chn born Daylesford with the exception of three born Glenorchy: Annie b 1872, Samuel Grose b 1873, Richard John (1874-1894), Mary Elizabeth b 1876, Laura Beatrice b 1878, Norman Ernest (1880-1881) Glenorchy, Eveline Maud b 1881 Glenorchy, Wilfred Ernest b 1884 Glenorchy, Florence Gertrude b 1887, Lillian Eva b 1889, Mabel Miriam Augusta b 1891. Annie ANGOVE d 1936 aged 86 Prahran d/o William ROBERTS and Miriam (PASCOE).
783/18 ANGOVE, MVincent Street, DaylesfordMary Elizabeth ANGOVE b 1876 Daylesford d/o Samuel Grose ANGOVE and Annie (ROBERTS). In 1908 she married William John WILLIAMS bp NSW. Chn: Nellie Lillian b 1908 Armadale, George b 1910 Daylesford, Dorothy b 1912 Daylesford, Ethel Irene b 1914, Jack b 1916 Daylesford. Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMS d 1962 aged 84 Melbourne.
397/22 ANGWIN, B96 Brougham StBertha ANGWIN b 1864 Ballarat d/o Benjamin ANGWIN and Jane (KENT). Bertha ANGWIN aged 80, 104 Brougham St, Ballarat, Spinster, bur 14 Feb 1945 Ballarat Old Cemetery BN 4 4, with her unmarried sister Jane ANGWIN. Her parents are also buried BOC, Jane in 1872 and Benjamin in 1892.
1890-91 Ballarat Directory Niven p 51, ANGWIN B, tea dealer, 16 Brougham St, Ballarat
1894 Ballarat Directory Webb p 114, ANGWIN B, 16 Brougham St, Ballarat.
1904 Ballarat & District Directory Tulloch p 35, ANGWIN Bertha, saleswoman, Brougham St, Ballarat. Also Jane and B (clerk). (See 397/20 J ANGWIN)
802/3 ANGWIN, Catherine TQueensberry Street, DaylesfordCatherine Tonkin ANGWIN b 1866 Durham Lead d/o Justus ANGWIN and Elizabeth (HAMMER), d 1938 aged 71 Daylesford.
397/20 ANGWIN, JBrougham StJane ANGWIN b 1860 Ballarat d/o Benjamin ANGWIN and Jane (KENT). Jane ANGWIN aged 49, Res: 104 Brougham St, Ballarat, bur 12 Feb 1910 Ballarat Old Cemetery BN 4 4, with her unmarried sister Bertha. (See 397/22 B ANGWIN)
1890-91 Ballarat Directory Niven p 51, ANGWIN B, tea dealer, 16 Brougham St, Ballarat.
1894 Ballarat Directory Webb p 114 ANGWIN, Justice, 57 Brougham St, Ballarat.
1904 Ballarat & District Directory Tulloch p 35, ANGWIN Jane, Brougham St, Balllarat.
802/10 ANGWIN, JuliaStanley Street, DaylesfordJulia Ann ANGWIN (LANGDON) b 1865 Fryers Creek d/o Thomas LANGDON and Ann (JOB). Julia m 1890 Christopher ANGWIN b 1866 Durham Lead s/o Justus ANGWIN and Elizabeth (HAMMER). Three chn b 1890-1895 Daylesford, three b 1899-1904 Eaglehawk. Julia Ann ANGWIN d 1942 aged 74 Eaglehawk. Julia ANGWIN d 1942 aged 74 Eaglehawk. Christopher ANGWIN d 1945 aged 79 Eaglehawk.
26/2 ANGWIN, LizzieDaylesfordElizabeth ANGWIN (known as Lizzie) b 1868 Daylesford d/o William ANGWIN and Peggy OATS. Elizabeth ANGWIN bp Daylesford m 1893 Henry THOMAS bp Daylesford. Chn: Edgar Mitchell b 1894 Daylesford, Ivy Victoria b 1900 Kyneton. Elizabeth THOMAS d 1934 aged 66 Daylesford.
784/38 ANGWIN, MHowe Street DaylesfordPossibly Mary ANGWIN (WILLIAMS) b ~1820, m Justus ANGWIN. Mary ANGWIN d 1892 aged 72 Daylesford d/o Christopher WILLIAMS and Mary (WOOLCOCK), bur Daylesford Cemetery.
398/24 ANGWIN, Mrs Andrew47 Albert Street, BallaratPossibly Mary ANGWIN (THOMAS) m 1869 Andrew ANGWIN, both born Cornwall.
1890-91 Ballarat Directory Niven, Vallins p 51, ANGWIN Andrew, butcher, 47 Albert St, Ballarat.
1894 Ballarat Directory Webb p 114, ANGWIN Andrew, 47 Albert St, Ballarat.
783/23 ANGWIN, Mrs JDaylesfordJane ANGWIN (MASON) b ~1839 m 1856 John Lawry ANGWIN. Eleven chn b 1857-1881 Ballarat,, Creswick and Daylesford. Jane ANGWIN d 1892 aged 53 Hotham West d/o Charles and Jane MASON.
399/22 ANNEAR, Ann CatherineBendigo Street, BallaratAnn Catherine (MADDER) (b ~1845) m William ANNEAR. Catherine MADDER m 1856 Victoria William ANNEAR. Five chn b 1865-1873 Geelong. Anne ANNEAR d 1931 age 86 Ballarat North d/o Richard FRY/Mary PEARCE. Annie, Widow of Howitt St, Ballarat bur 19 Sep 1931 Ballarat New Cemetery WES D 16 52. William ANNEAR d 1908 age 52 Ballarat Hospital, Laborer, s/o Samuel ANNEAR/Margaret MATTHISON, bur BNC WES D 16 52.
399/22 ANNEAR, JaneBendigo Street, BallaratJane ANNEAR b 1870 Geelong d/o William and Ann Catherine (MADDER). Jane ANNEAR bp Geelong m 1896 George Henry RAWLINGS bp Bairnsdale. Chn b Geelong: Violet Lilian RAWLINGS 1897, Gertrude Hazel 1902, Walter George 1905. Jane RAWLINGS d 1958 age 88 Geelong.
800/5 ANSON, AWest Street, DaylesfordAgnes ANSON (McCLURE) b ~1859, m 1887 Alexander Robert ANSON bp Daylesford. Chn: Elizabeth Jessie b 1888 Malmsbury, Alexander David b 1890 Malmsbury, Alice Ellen b 1891 Malmsbury, Hector Oliver b 1893 Daylesford, Lottie Agnes b 1894 Daylesford. Agnes ANSON d 1917 aged 58 Daylesford d/o David McCLURE and Elizabeth (RUSSELL), bur Daylesford Cemetery.
800/33 ANSON, EllenRaglan Street, DaylesfordEllen ANSON (CROSS) b ~1832, m Owen Oliver ANSON. First of eight chn, Ellen b 1857 Hepburn, rest born Daylesford: William 1859, Sophia 1860, Margaret 1864, Alice Amelia 1866, Oliver 1869, Joseph Henry 1870, Annie Florence 1874. Ellen ANSON d 1905 aged 73 Daylesford, bur Daylesford Cemetery.
800/34 ANSON, MargaretRaglan Street, DaylesfordMargaret ANSON b ~1864, d 1928 aged 64 Daylesford d/o Owen Oliver ANSON and Ellen (CROSS), bur Daylesford Cemetery.
711/9 ANSTEY, MrsTalbotMary Ann ANSTEY (WEBB) m John Sydney ANSTEY. Two chn: Richard Henry b 1857 Dunolly, John James b 1859 Amherst.
415/37 ANSTIS, Mrs W V61 Neil Street, BallaratEliza Jane ANSTIS (HARDY) m William Valentine ANSTIS (b ~1853) d 1907 age 54 Ballarat s/o Wm ANSTIS and Elizabeth ROWE, bur 23 Sep 1907 Ballarat Old Cemetery.
1894 Ballarat Directory Webb p 114, ANSTIS W V, 61 Neil St, Ballarat.
1904 Ballarat & District Directory Tulloch p 35 ANSTIS Elizabeth J, 61 Neil St, Ballarat.
17/2 ARCHBOLD, C JShepherds FlatCatherine Josephine ARCHBOLD b 1871 Chewton d/o John ARCHBOLD and Mary Ann (BENNETT).
17/1 ARCHBOLD, M AShepherds FlatMary Ann ARCHBOLD (BENNETT) b Warwick, England m 1868 John ARCHBOLD bp North Shields, Northumberland, England. Four chn born Chewton: Oliver Wright 1869, Catherine Josephine 1871, Florence (1873-1889) Shirley 1875. Two chn born Shepherds Flat: John Twizell 1878, Minetta Constance 1883.
400/3 ARCHIBALD, Mrs J21 Napier Street, BallaratJane ARCHIBALD
1890-91 Ballarat Directory Niven, Vallins p 52, ARCHIBALD James, porter, Napier St, Ballarat.
1894 Ballarat Directory Webb p 54, 114, ARCHIBALD Mrs H, retired, 159 Armstrong St Nth, Ballarat
1904 Ballarat & District Directory Tulloch p 35, ARCHIBALD Jane, Neill St, Ballarat, with James, a miller.
512/3 ARBUTHNOT, M ABlakevilleMary Ann ARBUTHNOT (PERKINS) b 1858 Flemington Melbourne. In 1881 she married William ARBUTHNOT bp Geelong. Three chn born Ballarat: Agnes Mary b 1882, William Alexander John b 1883, Matilda b 1886. Two chn born Blakeville: Alice Catherine b 1887, John Perkins b 1888 Blakeville. Mary ARBUTHNOT d 1940 aged 81 Cheltenham d/o John PERKINS and Kathleen/Catherine (WOODS). (See 512/19 ARBUTHNOT, Mrs)
512/19 ARBUTHNOT, MrsBlakevilleElizabeth ARBUTHNOT (McKENZIE) b ~1835, m Alexander ARBUTHNOT. Chn: Christina b 1855 Geelong, Elizabeth b 1857 Ballarat, William McKenzie b 1860 MI ND, Agnes b 1863 Italian Gully, Charles b 1866 Bullarook, Helen b 1869 Gordons. Elizabeth ARBUTHNOT d 1920 aged 85 Camberwell d/o William McKENZIE and Christina (SHUTHERS). (See 512/3 ARBUTHNOT, M A)
400/8 ARMOUR, MrsClissold Street, BallaratJeanie ARMOUR (RODGER) (aka Jane/Jessie) m 1874 John ARMOUR, both of Ayreshire, Scotland. Four chn b 1875-1884 Mt Doran, three more b Ballarat. Last was Robert Rodger b 1890 Ballaarat East s/o John ARMOUR and Jeannie (RODGER), bur 8 Jul 1891 Ballarat New Cemetery, age 11M of Clissold St, Ballarat.
710/48 ARMSTRONG, JRocky Flat ,
668/35 ARMSTRONG, JaneCape ClearPossibly Jane/Jean ARMSTRONG (McCAW) b ~1819, Jean ARMSTRONG d 1905 aged 86 Pitfield d/o William McCAW and Mary (CORRIE), bur Cape Clear Cemetery.
402/24 ARNOLD, LRaglan Street, BallaratLucy Hannah ARNOLD b 1858 Barrabool d/o William Burvill ARNOLD and Mary (BOURKE). Lucy d 1945 age 85, Ballarat, spinster, bur Ballarat New Cemetery with her parents.
1890-91 Ballarat Directory Niven, Vallins p ARNOLD Wm, storeman, 3 Raglan St Sth, Ballarat.
1904 Ballarat & District Directory Tulloch p 35, ARNOLD Lucy, dressmaker, 28 Seymour St, Ballarat.
402/25 ARNOLD, MRaglan Street, BallaratMary ARNOLD (BOURKE/BURKE) b ~1840, m 1857 Victoria to William Burwill ARNOLD. Thirteen chn b 1857-1874 Geelong and Ballarat. Mary d 1924 age 84 Ballarat d/o James BURKE and Julia (McNAMARA). Mary ARNOLD, Widow of 109 Seymour St, bur Ballarat New Cemetery with her husband William Burvill ARNOLD who died in 1912 age 82, retired, Seymour St, Ballarat.
1904 Ballarat & District Directory Tulloch p 35, ARNOLD Mary, 28 Seymour St, Ballarat.
402/26 ARNOLD, RoseRaglan Street, BallaratRosa/Rose Ella ARNOLD b 1863 Highton (Geelong) d/o William Burvil and Mary (BOURKE). Rose Ella ARNOLD d 1948 age 85 Geelong d/o Wm Burbill ARNOLD and Mary (BOURKE).
1904 Ballarat & District Directory Tulloch p 35, ARNOLD Rose, milliner, 28 Seymour St, Ballarat.
512/27 ARNUP, CarolineBlakevilleCaroline ARNUP (SHARP) b ~1834, m 1853 William George ARNUP. Chn: Mary Ann 1857-1864 Raglan-Fiery Creek, Henry b 1859 Gordon, Ellen b 1862 Gordon, James b 1864 Daylesford, Arthur John b 1867 Daylesford, Frederick b 1870 Daylesford, Charles Edwin b 1873 Ballan, Frances Emma b 1876 Ballan, Edward 1879-1881 Ballan, Edward b 1881 Ballan. Caroline ARNUP d 1917 aged 83 Cheltenham d/o Jonathan SHARP and Annie (DEAN).
512/12 ARNUP, HenriettaBlakeville Henrietta Jane ARNUP (PLATT) b 1862 Ballarat d/o William PLATT and Jane (HALFORD). In 1880 she married William George ARNUP bp Portland. Four chn: Ellen May b 1883 Ballarat, Alice Maud b 1885 Ballarat, Jane Catherine b 1890 Blakeville, George Halford b 1892 Blakeville.
417/27 ARTHUR, G51 Market Street, BallaratGrace ARTHUR born ~1851 to Thomas ARTHUR and Grace (ANDREW). She died in Ballarat aged 71 years and was buried with her parents 15 May 1922 in Ballarat New Cemetery. Headstone: ARTHUR/ Thomas Arthur/d Nov 1891, aged 79 years/his beloved wife, Grace/d July 1882, 73 years/their daughter, Grace/d May 1922, aged 71 years. John A ARTHUR listed in the Directory is the son of Thomas and Grace ARTHUR.
1894 Directory Webb p 40, 114: ARTHUR John A, enginedriver, Market Street, Ballarat.
417/21 ARTHUR, J A, MrsPark Street, BallaratElizabeth Ann ARTHUR (ELSBURY) b ~ Durham, m 1873 John Andrew ARTHUR bp Devon. Chn b 1874-1893 The Loddon, Castlemaine, Fryerstown and Ballarat.
1890-91 Ballarat Directory Niven, Vallins p 52, J A, enginedriver, Park St, Ballarat.
1890-91 Ballarat Directory Niven, Vallins p 52, Thos, bootmaker, Park St, Ballarat.
74/32 ARTHUR, Mary Ann50 Lyons Street, BallaratMary Ann ARTHUR (PILL) b ~1819, d 1893 age 74 Ballarat d/o Hugh PILL and Sarah. When bur 21 Nov 1893 Ballarat New Cemetery her address was Lyons St, Ballarat.
512/1 ASHTON, CarolineBlakevilleCaroline Agness ASHTON (LOCKHART) b 1864 Egerton d/o William LOCKHART and Caroline Martin (POTTER). In 1882 she married Thomas ASHTON bp Heidelberg. First two chn born Ball_: William Henry b 1882, Caroline Elizabeth b 1885. Seven more chn born Blakeville: Thomas Charles b 1887, Albert George b 1889, Silvester Martin b 1891, Alice Maud b 1894, Daisy Ellen (1896-1897), Henry Alison b 1901, Adelaide Florence b 1901 (twins). Caroline Agnes ASHTON d 1913 aged 48 Blakeville, bur Ballan Cemetery.
512/28 ASHTON, ElizabethBlakevilleElizabeth/Eliza ASHTON (NICHOLAS-WILTS) m 1867 Henry ASHTON bp Lancashire, England. Thirteen chn born Ballan: William 1868, Amelia Agnes 1870, William b 1870, Eliza 1871, Sarah 1873, Annie 1875, John 1876, Henrietta (1878-1881), Henry 1881, Clara Louisa 1882, Albert Edward Alexander 1884, Emily Jane 1886, Harriet Maria 1887. Three chn born Blakeville: Mary Hannah b 1889, Alice May b 1891, Gladys Ethel b 1893.
417/22 ASTLEY, Mrs F C79 Darling Street, BallaratEsther ASTLEY (NEATE) b 1860 Ballarat d/o George NEATE and Mercy (CHIVERS). In 1884 she married Frederick Charles/Gerald ASTLEY bp Staffordshire Reef. Chn: George Frederick b 1885 Broomfield, Anne b 1887 Broomfield, Hilda May b 1888 Broomfield, Edward Harold b 1896 Ballarat. Esther ASTLEY died 1901 aged 39 in Western Australia. [Death info from Kate Knight 5 Jul 2016] Frederick Gerald ASTLEY died 2 Jun 1020 aged 64 Perth, late of Cyril St, West Guildford [Trove, Death Notice, Western Mail 10 Jun 1920]. Frederick Gerald bur Karrakatta Cemetery (as ASHLEY),
164/34 ATKINS, Mary Elizeth (sic)BlampiedsMary Elizabeth ATKINS (JOHNSON) b ~1859, m 1879 in Victoria, Henry ATKINS bp Dunolly. Eight chn b 1880-1897 Mt Prospect. Mary Elizabeth ATKINS d 1902 aged 43 Rocky Lead d/o William JOHNSON and Mary (BUNSON), bur 27 Sep 1902 Mt Prospect Cemetery. Henry ATKINS aged 68 bur 7 Apr 1929 Mt Prospect Cemetery.
408/17 ATKINS, MrsYork Street, BallaratMartha ATKINS (BROWN) bp Sandhurst m 1872 George Henry ATKINS bp Tasmania. Their son, Martin James ATKIN, b 1893, d 1893 aged 19M s/o George Henry ATKIN_ and Martha (BROWN). Burial record shows age 17M Res: York St, Ballarat, bur 22 Aug 1893 Ballarat New Cemetery CofE C 3 21. Also in this grave is Robert ATKIN_ d 1890 aged 40 Ballarat Hospital s/o George ATKIN and Mary (JACKSON), bur 22 Aug 1890.
411/23 AVERY, MrsBarkly Street, BallaratPossibly Annie AVERY (CLEMO/CLEMMO) m John AVERY. Chn: George Lawrence b 1892 Ballarat, Reginald John Josiah b 1894 East Ballarat, Jos_ Leslie b 1897 Ballarat.
1894 Ballarat Directory Webb p 12, AVERY John, miner, 193 Main Street, Ballarat East.
407/27 AVERY, Elizabeth137 Armstrong Street, BallaratElizabeth AVERY (KEIL) m 1866 David AVERY bp Gloucestershire, England. Chn: Elizabeth b 1869 Kingston, David b 1871 Bungaree, John b 1873 Bungaree, Hannah b 1877 Bungaree, and James Lewis b 1880 Ballarat.
1894 Ballarat Directory Webb p 56, AVERY -, broker, 135 Armstrong St Sth, East Side, between South and Sebastopol Sts, Ballarat
245/29 AVERY, M ALigar Street, BallaratPossibly Mary Ann Sarah AVERY (MATHER) b ~1839, m John AVERY. At least 12 chn b 1857-1885 Geelong, Black Lead, Buninyong, Cambrian Hill, Barr_. Mary Ann Sarah AVERY d 1916 aged 77 Ballarat d/o Henry Joseph MATHER and Amelia (BROWN), Res: 412 Windermere St, Ballarat, Widow, bur 17 Nov 1916, with her husband John AVERY who d 1905 aged 68 Ballarat s/o William AVERY and (Elizabeth LOBB), Res: Skipton St, Ballarat, Engine Driver, bur 31 Jul 1905 Ballarat New Cemetery CofE B 2 45. Also in this grave is their dau, Ellen Louisa AVERY aged 7, Res: Raglan St, Ballarat, bur 26 Apr 1878.

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