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Welcome to our Surname List. Click any letter below to access surnames from Ballarat & District and around the world being researched by Society members and other researchers. Use the REFRESH button of your browser to get the latest update on each page.

Scroll down this page for information on advertising your SURNAMES.

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Contacting Submitters:

    To contact any researcher with an email address, click on their active NAME (underlined) or if you wish to visit their personal internet page click on webpage at the end of their address, otherwise write to their postal address if given.
    If you find that an email address is obsolete please let us know and we will make an annotation to that effect. We have used Australian White Pages online with some success to find people whose email addresses have become inactive.

Advertising Names:

    Members - The list is available for members of the Society to advertise any names they are researching in any place at any time.

    Non-Members - We are also happy to list names from Ballarat and the surrounding area for researchers who are not members of the Society. Details for submitting your entries are outlined below.

Format of Entries:


    BLOGGS, Joseph, 1800-1860, CAM, Eng > Ballarat, VIC, Aus


    • forward new surname entries in alphabetical order in the format as set out in the SURNAME lists.
    • name a village or parish if known or a wider area if applicable for your search.
    • use Chapman Codes for counties and countries (Click on the underlined links below to visit external, on-line lists of these abbreviations).
    • direct any surname enquiries to the submitter of the name and NOT to the list organiser.
    • if email addresses become invalid and the list organiser has been notified of a change then the entries will be removed from the list.
    • Happy Hunting!

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