Victorian Goldfields : Mining Records

Facsimile Copies of Historical Mining Records
Victorian Mining Accident Index

Compiled by :
Dave Evans, Ballarat, Australia - Email

This series of books are facsimile of a collection of mining records that were published by the Mines Department. The earliest record is July 1859 and comprises various reports, mainly Surveyors & Registrars Reports in the 1860s, 1870s and 1880s.

This is not a complete collection as some records are unavailable, but there are more than 60 reports in all. The reports have been broken down into the seven mining areas in Victoria, as an example the Castlemaine book contains some 54 reports over a 33 year period and there is a second volume continuing on from 1882.

The Chief Inspectors Report consists of five Annual reports starting with the very first report in 1874 and covering each year up to 1878. This covers all the reported mining accidents and lists if killed or injured. It also names those killed and if they were married or single, if married, how many dependant children and if any compensation was paid. There is also a second report similar to this that covers the years 1880, 1881, 1882, 1883 and 1885. Both these reports are a valuable help to family historians who had a relation killed in a mining accident in any of the listed years.

Volume 18 is a facsimile of Dicker's Mining Record of 1861-1862 and covers most of the Victorian Goldfields of those two years from November 1861 to October 1862. It also lists various mining accidents in that time period.

Volume 19 is the Australian Mining Handbook of 1890 and covers all of Australia for that year.

Volume 20 is not mining but three reports on Victorian Post Offices. The first section covers Ballaarat Post Office and is a series of letters written by the Post Master Ballarat to the Post Master General in Melbourne about conditions at the time and also has a list of various Post Offices of the time, 1856. The second part is two annual reports on Victorian Post Offices for the years 1865 and 1868.

Volume 21 is The Melbourne and Suburban Railway Bill of 1857 and is a lead up to the Victorian Railways.

Volume 25 is Mining Engine Drivers and lists all those issued with Engine Driver Certificates between June 1884 and February 1886 and has over 1500 names and addresses.

Volume 27 is A List of Police in Victoria between 1836 and 1907. It also has a selection of Police or Troopers in uniform. They are not identified and may not be from Victoria, but are there to show the various types of uniform wore in that period.

Volumes 28, 29, 30, 31 & 32 cover some of the missing reports from the earlier volumes. Vol. 28 is 1859 reports and the next four are all of 1860. These volumes are not divided into Districts, but cover all of the Victorian Goldfields in each of the volumes.

Volumes 33 & 34 on Mining Leases, both on Crown Land and on Private Property, Minerals other than Gold, Water Licences etc. These two are indexed with about 4000 names and cover all of Victoria from 1884 to 1891. These are $40.00 and $25.00 or $55.00 for the pair, plus postage.

Volumes 35, 36 & 37, being 1861 Surveyors Reports, will be in three books of four months each and sell for $30.00, $30.00 and $40.00 or $85 for the three, plus postage.

Volumes Available

  1. Chief Inspectors Reports 1874-1878 (196 pages)
  2. Chief Inspectors Reports 1880-1885 (214 pages)
  3. Castlemaine District Reports 1859-1882 (212 pages)
  4. Castlemaine District Reports 1883-1887 (283 pages)
  5. Maryborough District Reports 1859-1882 (210 pages)
  6. Maryborough District Reports 1883-1887 (224 pages)
  7. Ballarat District Reports 1859-1878 (191 pages)
  8. Ballarat District Reports 1879-1884 (210 pages)
  9. Sandhurst (Bendigo) District Reports1859-1884 (210 pages)
  10. Sandhurst (Bendigo) District Reports 1885-1896 (187 pages)
  11. Beechworth District Reports 1859-1879 (200 pages)
  12. Beechworth District Reports 1880-1884 (202 pages)
  13. Ararat District Reports 1859-1886 (236 pages)
  14. Ballarat District Reports 1884-1887(247 pages)
  15. Gippsland District Reports 1859-1884 (210 pages)
  16. Gippsland District Reports 1884-1887 (220 pages)
  17. Beechworth District Reports 1885-1921 (205 pages)
  18. Dicker's Mining Record 1861-1862 (238 pages)
  19. Australian Mining Handbook 1890 (246 pages)
  20. * Post Office Reports 1856, 1865, 1868 (93 pages)
  21. ** Melbourne & Suburban Railway Bill 1856-'57 (186 pages)

  22. C.I.R. Sec Mines. 1879-1893 (270 pages)
  23. *** Mining Engine Drivers (38 pages)

  24. **** List of Police in Victoria 18361907 (44 pages)
  25. ***** Board of Science Reports (5 reports) (104 pages)
  26. ***** Mining Surveyors Reports (Jan, Feb, Mar.1860) (75 pages)
  27. ***** Mining Surveyors Reports (Apr. May, June 1860) (88 pages)
  28. ***** Mining Surveyors Reports (July, Aug. Sept. 1860) (116 pages)
  29. ***** Mining Surveyors Reports (Oct. Nov. Dec. 1860) (111 pages)
  30. Gold Mining Leases in the Colony of Victoria 1884 to 1891 $40.00
  31. Gold Mining Leases on Private Property, etc. 1884 to 1891 $25.00: or $55.00 the pair, plus postage
  32. Mining Surveyors Reports (Jan, Feb, Mar. Apr 1862) $30.00
  33. Mining Surveyors Reports (May, Jun, Jul, Aug 1862) $40.00
  34. Mining Surveyors Reports (Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 1862) $30.00 : or $85.00 the pair, plus postage

Available from:

Dave Evans, Unit 71, Rosebank Village, 19A Charlotte St., Sebastopol, 3356, Australia.
Ph: (03) 4343 1014

Dave has compiled an index to mining accidents in Victoria (1850s - 1940s). The Victorian Mining Accident Index is available on CD and it is set up to be read by a browser. It is searchable by name (more than 7500) and also by District. Included are 24 photographs of headstones or mines. It is available for $20.00 plus $5.00 registered postage from...
Dave Evans, Unit 71, Rosebank Village, 19A Charlotte St., Sebastopol 3356, Victoria, Australia.

A summary of the Victoria Minining Accident Index is located at:
Victorian Mining Accident Index

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